Precautions for use

Precautions For Use
1. Please wash after use with lukewarm water or water early ,and wipe off the moisture with soft cloth.
2. Since it may change and discolor, Please avoid direct Sunlight.
3. Please do not use hot water or preserve it next to fire source.
4. When washing, please wash with a soft sponge and Food skillfulness detergent.Do not use a scrub sponge to polish.
5. Stop using immediately if the product is damaged or has cracks.
6. Since the point of chopsticks is thin, the child must not use it. Or please keep a child from reaching.
7. Since this product is lacquer (japanese lacquer) application chopsticks. Please stop using this product when it is found not to be suitable for your skin.
8. Do not use for anything other than its intended use.
Japanese lacquer may wear out and exfoliate according to the environment to be used.
9. Since chopsticks are using the wood, there are curvature and a crack.