About Japanese lacquer 

The "Japanese lacquer" used for coating of chopsticks materials representing Japan.

So that it is translated into "Japan" in English.

Japanese lacquer has gloss, waterproofness and antisepsis, and insect control nature,and not invaded by

chloride, sulfuric acid, and alkali. So it is a very excellent material.  

The Japanese lacquer is rubbed into chopsticks, excessive Japanese lacquer is wiped off,and is rubbed in

again, the process is repeated many times, so wooden merit and gloss of Japanese lacquer 
can be enjoyed.

Moreover, it becomes a deep color if it used, you can enjoy this change.

When you use chopsticks first, let’s take photo, the change would know well.


How to track my order

 1.  Please Click below link that Japan Post Office


 2.  Input your tracking code to Confirm Delivery Status at right side of screen.

 3.  Click Go


About Wood

Iron Wood

It is a hard wood like iron as the name. and this wood is strong in water,


Macassar ebony (marble ebony)

Macassar ebony contains black and pale brown striped pattern and used as the highest-class wood to floor, pillar,
In order to this wood is very hard, it is a difficult wood to shave by hand,, but if it polishes, it become very beautiful grain. People enjoy these grains that are the only one in the world.

Golden Mulberry

To use for a long time

1. Please use the soft sponge and food skillfulness detergent. Do not use a scrub sponge and dish washer to wash.

2. Please wash with lukewarm water or water, and wipe off the moisture with soft cloth. Do not put into water long time.

3. Please put on the place which avoids the sunlight hits directly.


How to decide the standard ‐length of chopsticks

The palm of your hand + 4cm (1.6inches)  becomes a standard‐length of chopsticks..


This measured length serves as a just standard and is not a rule.

Please choose your favorite length. If you like shorter or longer than standard, it would be your best length.

It is used as a material of an artistic handicraft, high-class-oriented furniture, such as table, tea-Furniture, etc and it is known as an expensive tree


How to use Chopsticks

1. Put the first chopstick on the top of ring finger and the bottom of thumb. Close the thumb to stabilize the chopstick

2. Hold the second chopstick like pencil, with the tip of thumb, index and middle fingers.

3. Close the chopsticks like form V to pick up food. Do not move the first chopstick. Please move only second chopsticks.